Recobro Vigile


Recobro Vigile is a highly miniaturized ICU and OT/OR grade multi-parameter vital sign monitor with wireless communication.

Recobro Vigile measures up to 7 vital signs and transmits patient data directly to the physician’s smartphone using MyTelePatient mobile app.

Long battery life and hot swapping feature ensures round-the-clock uninterrupted patient monitoring. Can be used in hospital settings, ambulances, emergency response services, and home care of patients who need constant monitoring.

Product Description

Recobro features

• Highly miniaturized wearable cloud connected vital sign monitor – ICU and OT/OR grade• Recobro Vigile gives you the ultimate freedom to move
• Wireless transmission of patient vitals directly to doctor’s smartphone in real time, allowing for dynamic remote patient monitoring
• Measures up to 7 vital signs:
>> ECG/EKG (Electrocardiograph)
>> NiBP (Non-invasive blood pressure)
>> SpO2 (Oxygen saturation)
>> RR (Respiratory rate)
>> Temperature
>> IBP* (Invasive blood pressure)
>> EtCO2 * (End-tidal carbon dioxide – capnography)
• High capacity rechargeable battery with hot swapping feature enables uninterrupted monitoring
• Smart design facilitates transit monitoring
• 2.4” color LCD display shows vital sign values
• Application for emergency response services (ambulance)
• Multiple patients (up to 16) can be monitored simultaneously using the dedicated remote monitoring app – MyTelePatient
• Finds applications in home care scenarios for post-operative and non-critical patients


Currently not available for Africa, Middle East, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. Please contact us for details.


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