Spectra Gold +

Spectra Gold

Spectra Gold+ is the newest arrival in bedside patient monitor category.

Spectra Gold+ is more than just a vital sign monitor. With additional equipment it can be transformed in comprehensive anesthesia delivery and maintenance system. CLADS (Closed Loop Anesthesia Delivery System) technology allows the Spectra Gold+ to constantly monitor and automatically adjust anesthesia doses to maintain the perfect depth of unconsciousness in patients. Supplied with (optional) 2 syringe pumps and Bispectral Index monitoring module, the Spectra Gold+ induces anesthesia in patients using TCI (Target Controlled Infusion) protocols.

This monitor has real time remote viewing capability with 2-way communication.


Product Description

Spectra Gold + features:

• 15” screen variant multiparameter vital sign monitor

• Up to 9 real time configurable waveform display

• Spectra Gold can measure up to 9 vital signs:

>> ECG/EKG (Electrocardiograph)

>> NiBP (Non-invasive blood pressure)

>> SpO2 (Oxygen saturation)

>> RR (Respiratory rate)

>> Temperature

>> IBP* (Invasive blood pressure)

>> EtCO2 * (End-tidal carbon dioxide – capnography)

>> CO* (Cardiac Output)

>> BIS* (Bispectral Index)

• Single knob to browse menus/sub-menus

• Touchscreen variant available on request

• Design facilitates transit monitoring

• Large font enables viewing from a distance

• Audio and visual alarms for all vital parameters

• Night mode increases TFT working life and ensures patient comfort in low light conditions

• Easy to recognize alarm priority system with colour coded visual indication, variable pitch and melodious sound


* requires additional modules, which are available separately


spectra gold +